Lia Di-Angello Allan

Co-owner of “Westbury Floral Designs”

Lia Di-Angello Allan

Co-owner of “Westbury Floral Designs”
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Lia Di-Angelo Allan

Lia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 18th, 1971.
Daughter of Eric Di Angelo and Patricia del Valle Baralo, she grew up in a house of artists. Her parents Eric and Patricia created the dance duet, “Duo Acuario”, and traveled all over Europe performing tango shows in the 80’s. Lia’s love for tango and Argentinean culture started at a young age with her parent’s background and increased when she moved to USA in 1987. Being away from her Patria, gave her a sense of missing home and her Argentinean traditions.
In the last 28 years, even though she has been away from her “home” she has cultivated her culture in her daily life and in the life of her children. From drinking mate, eating empanadas and asado, listening to tango and folklore and of course, teaching them Spanish!
Lia has four children, Luigi (25), Antonella (23), Cameron (6) and Kate (5). She also has a grandson, Liam (1) who lives in Hawaii with Luigi and Megan, his parents. Lia is married to Gordon Allan, a gringo with Scottish background who speaks Spanish pretty well and loves her Argentinean accent!
Lia carries a crown for Argentina since May of 2016, with the title of ‘Señora Bonita International y Belleza Latina 2016”. As the Queen of Argentina in New York, she is happy to have been giving the homage by Gil Bernardino to be honored at this important gala.
One of her dreams is to help everyone, especially around the Holiday Season. This is why in December of 2016 she created a “Zumbathon”, at the YMCA in Glen Cove. Over 250 toys were collected and donated to The Toys for Tots organization and the “Yes We Can Center” in Westbury. She received a citation from NY State Assemblyman Chuck Levine and a special Thank You from Nassau County Legislator Siela Bynoe.
Lia is the co-owner of “Westbury Floral Designs”, a flower shop in Westbury with her business partner Tracy Rhee. Together they create beauty daily and bring smiles to many people and events.
Lia has been honored and recognized with a Citation of Nassau County, by the Nassau County Executive, as an American Latina Business woman who has contributed to the economic, social and cultural enrichment of Nassau County.
Her business has been named the “Business of the Year-Negocio del Año” en los Premios Hispanos Al Talento Latino en Febrero del 2017.
She has also been chosen to be part of the DRI Grant Committee with Mayor Cavallaro of Westbury. This committee will be important in the process of determining how best to utilize the $10 million grant for downtown Westbury.
Lia loves giving back to the community, helping the less fortunate, helping the church and missionaries and re-inventing herself daily to be a better person, woman, wife, mother, friend, partner, daughter and sister.
Her new ideas in giving back to the community include a “Back to School Program” in Westbury and Glen Cove, a “Keep Moving Program” to help people understand the importance of healthy living, detox and exercising.